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Karen and Susan Larrabee are sisters who have traveled together, shared apartments and even run businesses together over the years. They are the best of friends and, like typical siblings, are prone to rivalry.

Karen has 30 years experience running restaurants in places like New York and San Francisco while Susan has traveled the world and worked in big cities like Los Angeles as a denim consultant for large companies, including Gap.

Three years ago, their brother relocated to Utah for work. Soon after, their mother who is retired, moved to Utah also. Five months ago, the sisters decided to settle in Ogden so the whole family would live nearby.


“We had spent Thanksgivings here. We figured we would move here and open a restaurant and work for ourselves,” Karen said.

In addition to Karen’s extensive background in the restaurant industry, the sisters have owned a restaurant together once before.

Several years ago, Susan’s consulting job took her on a trip to India. She loved it and asked Karen to move to India with her.

Susan was able to base her consulting business in India for two years, and together they opened a restaurant in an ex-French quarter frequented by tourists.

“There were French bakeries there where we bought our bread. We put an American spin on things,” Karen said. “It was a great experience getting to meet so many people from around the world and getting to know the people who would bring the fresh fruits and vegetables every day.”

“It ended up being a gathering place for all different cultures,” Susan said. The sisters have tried to create a similar feeling at their Ogden eatery, The Bickering Sisters, located just off Historic 25th Street.

“We have a tiny kitchen. We are trying to have that vibe we had in India as far as it being a welcoming place where you can come whether you are older or younger. It is homey,” Susan said.

The dining area extends to a beautiful outdoor patio in the rear. The menu was created from a combination of the sisters’ favorite recipes.

“We wanted to focus on the things we know we can do well and that we like to eat. Everything needs to be freshly made every day. That is very important to us,” Susan said. “It’s kind of like inviting someone into our home and trying to impress them with our cooking.”

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